Competitive Edge for Private Lending Brokers and Correspondent Lenders

Residential Capital Partners is a preferred partner for many of the best brokerage and correspondent lenders in the private lending industry. We have earned this right by extending our capital and knowledge to proven industry leaders that want to grow their business and balance sheet beyond their current size.

Our straight-forward terms for rehab, bridge rental, and long-term rental real estate investment loans assure transparency and value for the clients you serve. Our cutting-edge technology and back office support add efficiency and consistency to your business practices.

Rehab 100% Financing

ResCap rehab (fix-and-flip) loans have proven extremely attractive for this important reason: we offer 100-percent financing for purchase and 100-percent financing for repairs up to 70 percent of After Repair Value (ARV).

Closing costs can be included in a loan provided they do not cause the Loan-to-ARV ratio to exceed the ARV Advance Rate.

Simply put, Investors have more flexibility to handle unexpected repairs and more cash available for unexpected investment opportunities. With no down payments, Investors have thousands of dollars less tied up in any single project.

Cash is king. When less cash is invested on the front-end, cash in our Borrower’s pocket increases in lockstep with their operating profit and return on investment.   At a 90% advance rate, a Borrower can only achieve a 24% return on a transaction.  At a 100% advance rate, the Borrower can achieve a 39% return on a transaction.  That’s almost 2x the return for the same risk.  On top of that, with more cash in their pocket, they can do 2x as many deals and make 2.5x more profit.

Correspondent Lenders Do More Business

Residential Capital Partners is the funding partner for many of the top private lenders in the nation. We designed our Correspondent Lending Program to incorporate functional efficiencies, transparency in approvals and fast closings.

We help our correspondent partners grow their business by staying fully engaged, providing capital on a transactional basis and helping you establish lines of credit for your borrowers.

If you are an experienced correspondent lender with an established SFR market presence and need a capital partner to help you get to the next level, let’s talk!

Compelling Resource for Private Lending Brokers

We partner with private lending brokers throughout the United States who have established networks of single-family rehab and rental investors looking for the right capital partner for their property acquisitions.

We are a balance sheet lender. We carry all of our loans on our books and service them ourselves, so your customers never get shuffled from one lender to another.

Brokers may add one additional point to the HUD. Loans have a 10% interest rate with 2 points paid at closing – one to the broker on the HUD and one to ResCap – and 2 points paid to ResCap at maturity or loan payoff.

If you are an experienced private lending broker with an established SFR business network, we think you will be pleased with how we can help you do more business with less stress.

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