Broker Program

Empower Your Business

Leverage our balance sheet to expand your client base.

Brokers choose Residential Capital Partners as their lender because we treat you as a partner on each loan from day one until close. You can always expect quick responses, helpful tools and counsel along the way, and a swift closing process. We supply the cash—and you empower your business by growing your relationships with your clients. 

Our terms are straightforward and never change. You always know you’re getting a great deal and meeting your business goals.

    Why partner with Residential Capital Partners?

    Expand your client base
    Count on rates that never change
    Get fast responses & quick turn-around
    Know your connection is secure

    Go with the sure bet. Work with a direct money lender.

    As a private, direct money lender, our balance sheet comes from our own pocketbook. We’re not subject to Wall Street’s fluctuations and we don’t sell our notes. Your loan is safe with us.